Talkin’ Sh*t: The Unsolicited Podcast

When I finished writing Everyone Has Sh*t: Unsolicited Advice for Being Human, I knew I was not done.   There were more stories to tell.   It was the beginning of the conversation, not the end. With that in mind, I have created Talkin’ Sh*t: The Unsolicited Podcast. Each week (more or less, because life has shit ... Read more

Don't be an asshole

Rules for Not Being An Asshole

I’ve written several versions of this post, deleting a few because the message wasn’t quite right.  I started down the path of political divide, but those water were quickly muddied. Let’s be honest for a minute.  We aren’t being as nice as we can possibly be to our fellow humans.   It’s very easy to think ... Read more


Everyone Has Perceptions

Among my many life’s adventures I’ve found myself in the landscaping business. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, right? Or something like that.  All I’ll say is it started on vacation while drinking too many pina coladas and sounded like a good idea at the time. So here I am, running a marketing company,  writing ... Read more

Failing Up

Yesterday I had a dream come true while simultaneously experiencing extreme disappointment.   While sitting outside enjoying working in my backyard, in a space I had envisioned for nearly a decade, I received news that I had failed.                                      ... Read more

Did the Internet Break Society?

I’ve been on the internet since 1995,  just after AOL started mailing CDs to everyone to get them on the world wide web and right around the time Yahoo was founded.  I frequented chat rooms, witnessing the wide variety of conversation that occurred in them.  Inhibitions were lowered as if we were all pounding beers ... Read more

Patience and Humor

Your Humor Will Get You Through It?

So we have been trying to buy a house for a few months and the process has been…let’s call it trying. That’s the positive person’s word for frustrating, exasperating, annoying, infuriating, you get the picture. We found a house we love. I mean, really love.  We tackled all of the obstacles needed to purchase it ... Read more

Sorry, Not Sorry.

Today I witnessed someone apologize for theft. They knew it was wrong and said they were sorry. They suffered some consequences, but certainly not permanent ones. They apologized. They were lucky that while the apology was not exactly “accepted” it did get them out of being reported to the authorities. Over the last few weeks, ... Read more

Shut Up and Be Nice!

Yesterday I shopping was in Target and heard someone wish ill upon their friend. I didn’t hear the first part, but she said “I hope next time you fall and hurt yourself.” She said it with a hint of sarcasm, but it stopped me in my tracks. We hear stuff like this all the time ... Read more

Complimentary Advice.

Today we woke up to news of one of most famous news anchors being fired for sexual misconduct. In the wake of this, many people are asking about the protocol for giving compliments. Is it OK to compliment someone’s looks that you work with? Do we live in a world where we have to contemplate ... Read more

Everyone Has Sh*t on Thanksgiving

Are you looking at Facebook photos of people and their happy families eating turkey that is perfectly golden brown and looks like it belongs on the cover of a magazine? Did you wake up to a frozen turkey and then subsequently burn it while fighting with your spouse? Or did you order Chinese take-out and ... Read more

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